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Have you ever experienced any of the following?

- Flood damage due to unkept AC drain lines
- Costs due to malfunctioning AC units
- Mold/mildew build-up causing a backup of fluids
- Expensive drain flushes by a professional

Image of flooded room

Are these the solutions you are using today?

- Flushing your AC unit regularly with bleach
- Using smart detection of fluid backup in drain lines
- Spending money on professional services to clear the lines
- Paying for insurance policies to cover flood damages

Image of Drainbot machine

Look what DrainBot can do for you!

DrainBot provides a product designed to inject a cleaning solution into your 
HVAC condensation drain line throughout the month to kill/ prevent mold 
from growing and causing property water damage via overflows.

- Injects cleaning solvent on schedule
- Automatic shipments of solution
- Non-toxic and environmentally friendly
- Long-lasting battery operated

DrainBot takes the thought and worry out of maintaining AC drain lines and automatically eliminates blockages.

Avoid unnecessary flood damage


Avoid unnecessary flood damage and insurance costs.

Image of bacteria

Fights Bacteria Directly

Injects bacteria-fighting fluids right into your drain line.

Image box reading Environmentally Friendly

Environmentally Friendly

All of our solutions are environmentally friendly.

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The smart device that delivers safety, peace of mind, and savings.

DrainBot 2.0 Upgrades

- Utilizes a valve instead of pump to more acutely measure output.
- Leakproof bottle design reduces risk
- User interface to adjust frequency of output and manual injection.
- Longer lasting power supply and smaller electronics to reduce the size of the unit.
- More appealing outer design.